The Heritage Z


The Heritage Z for Pre-Fab fireplaces is our top of the line product, topping similar doors costing much more. Constructed of 1/4″ welded steel, its large 3/4″ frame is made for an overlap fit.

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  • Heritage Z Steel Door for ZC Fireplace

    Heritage Z welded steel enclosure door with bronze frame

    The “Heritage” fireplace doors are our ultimate fireplace doors.

    Made of solid steel, these doors will last forever.

    Also available as an overlap fit.

    Note: These doors will not fit over stone.

    The Heritage Z Features: 

    Solid Steel Heritage Z fireplace door

    • Trackless bi-fold fireplace doors open up 180 degrees for enhanced viewing and safety.
    • Bi-fold trackless doors allow easy access so you can be more regular in cleaning the fireplace.

    Specifications & Warranty

    Material: 1/4” Welded Steel

    Door Style: Rectangle

    Glass: Tempered – Lifetime Warranty

    5 Year Warranty – Frame

    Void: Improper Operation or Installation

    The Heritage Z prefab fireplace door has a 1/4″ welded steel enclosure with a 1 3/4″ wide frame. Heritage Z is also available with bi-fold fireplace doors. You can easily customize the Heritage Z as it is available with different door finishes: tempered bronze, clear or grey tinted glass. Key features of the Heritage Z steel fireplace door at a glance:

    • 1/4” Welded Steel Enclosure with a 1 3/4” frame face
    • 1″ Frame Return Depth
    • Available with Bi-fold trackless doors
    • Comes standard with two ventilated air slots.
    • 1/4” tempered bronze, clear or grey tinted glass
    • Overlap Fit only – 3/4″ overlap on all sides
    • Average Lead Time: 3 Weeks



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