Prefab Fireplace Doors to Fit Any Model

Our goal is simple: to help you find the perfect pair of doors for your fireplace.  How do we do it? With free returns on all orders, the widest selection of custom doors, and a team of fireplace specialists ready to assist you. So just place your order, kick your feet up, and let us take care of the rest.

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Introducing Worry-Free Ordering.

We know finding the perfect set of doors to fit your prefab fireplace can be difficult, which is why every order comes with free shipping, free returns, and personal confirmation from one of our fireplace specialists. It’s all part of our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee; if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will gladly refund or exchange your order.

The EZ Door

Our #1 Best Selling Door

Ships in 2-3 business days

Custom-made to fit almost any fireplace

Installs in less than 5 minutes

The Benefits of having Prefab Fireplace Doors?

There are many benefits to having prefab fireplace doors. First and foremost is safety. Fireplace doors prevent embers and sparks from touching people and other objects. They also protect pets and small children from the fire. Fireplace doors also reduce your utility cost. They provide for a great seal conserving heat and lowering your energy costs

Looking for prefab fireplace doors?

If you have been searching around for the best place to purchase a set of glass doors for your prefab fireplace, you may have noticed something. The big name hardware store retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s do not carry prefab fireplace glass doors. While on the surface this might not make sense, the simple reason is that is too much of a hassle for them. Prefab fireplace doors are for the most part custom orders. Prefab fireplaces are made by many different manufacturers in a multitude of sizes. Because of this, when you order a door for a prefab fireplace, it is almost always a custom order. The big name retailers just don’t want to deal with stocking so many different sizes. This is where we would love to help. Our whole business is built on making custom doors personalized for YOU. If you have a prefab fireplace (brands such as Heatilator, Superior, and Majestic), you have come to the right place!

There is one issue we are always hearing about related to fireplace doors. The doors don’t for correctly! Fireplace doors require an exact fit, and unless carefully measured and built, the doors will often leave a gap between the door and the edge of the fireplace. This is an imperfect fit and something we do not stand for!

We are fully committed to providing our customers with perfectly fitting doors. We are more than happy to be involved in every step of the process to make sure you measure your fireplace correctly so we can ultimately get you the perfect door.

Fireplace Doors Are Important

Many people think fireplace doors are simply just a barrier between the mess that is your fireplace and the room surrounding it. While it definitely serves that purpose, it can also be an incredibly important part of your home. Often times, the fireplace is the focal point of the most trafficked room of your house. You should think of your fireplace just like any other piece of furniture. This is how we like to think of glass fireplace doors, and think it is important you find the right set of doors stylistically for your home. A fireplace door can really transform the overall look and feel of a room. We want you to really be able to choose the right door for you. We’re excited to offer a wide selection of doors that can fit every style and price range. If you are just looking to complete your room with a simple set of doors, the EZ door is a perfect fit for you. It is inexpensive, but sturdy and built of high quality: One of our best sellers. If you are looking for a high end door, we have those options as well.

Our Doors

We really feel like the process of ordering a prefab fireplace door is much harder than it needs to be. If you have any prefabricated fireplace, we have a door for you. We believe that the purchase of a fireplace door is not just about the transaction, but making sure the whole process goes smoothly so you are happy with the result. A huge part of that happy result is providing you with a quality door that works like it is supposed to. All of our doors go through a testing and use process so you can rest easy knowing that when the door gets to you, is it ready to be used and enjoyed. We offer a wide selection of doors so we can accomodate all style tastes and budgets. At the lowest pricing bracket, we offer a set of replacement doors. These doors are ONLY to be purchased if you previously have had a set of glass fireplace doors and still have the frame installed. These doors don’t come with a frame so it is vital you verify you have a frame before ordering. We are always happy to help if you are confused at what your fireplace currently has installed. After replacement doors, we offer a large selection of fully functional doors with the frames included. These doors can be installed on ANY prefab fireplace.

One thing we always like to stress is that we are here to help. We offer personalized service to all of our customers and want to make sure you have the best experience with us. If you are confused about anything, never hesitate to ask. We have a team of experts behind the scenes who have been in this business for a long time, and are more than happy to offer their advice and expertise. Our mission is to make sure you get the right set of doors, the first time.

Our Guarantee

It is always frustrating when a door is ordered, installed, and ultimately does not fit correctly. Unfortunately, in this business, that happens a lot. While we are fully committed to proving the perfect door the first time, this inevitably can happen with mistakes in measuring or door building. This is where we separate ourselves from other prefab fireplace door sellers. When this happens, many of our competitors put the responsibility on the customer. Their policies state that there are no returns or specifically no returns on custom orders. When this happens, the customer is left disappointed and with a door that they cannot fully enjoy. Our policy is completely different. We offer free shipping AND a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders. If there is something wrong with your door, we are not happy about it, and will make sure we help until you are satisfied. That is our commitment. We feel like we offer the best selection of prefab fireplace doors and want to back our products with our policies.

Fireplace Doors Are Vital to Increased Energy Efficiency

Fireplace doors are meant to be closed while a fire is NOT burning in the fireplace. The door prevents air from escaping the house out of the chimney, while also preventing cool air and drafts to come into the air from the chimney. The closed doors reduce the smell fro your fireplace, keep ash and soot in the firebox where it belongs, and keeps smoke from escaping in to your house.

Fireplace doors are meant to always be OPEN when a fire is burning. This is one of the biggest mistake fireplace door owners make. Fireplaces can reach extreme temperatures that glass cannot withstand. If you leave your doors closed with a fire burning, the glass will shatter. While we are happy you will come contact us for some replacement doors, we never like hearing stories about broken doors. Please keep your doors OPEN when a fire is burning.

Fireplace Door Tinting

Fireplace doors serve many purposes and can even hide some of the unattractive parts of your fireplace. With use, ash and soot build up in your firebox and can create somewhat of a mess. We offer bronze and gray tinted glass with our fireplace doors to help you hide what is behind your fireplace doors.

Replacement Glass Doors

If you want to buy replacement doors online for your prefab fireplace, check the model number on your fireplace. Look on the inside of your firebox for your model number before purchasing replacement doors.

Personalized Service

If you have any doubts or questions or concerns throughout this entire process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have real people waiting to help you with whatever you may need. We offer free shipping on all orders and process each order individually to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.


Installing a new set of prefab fireplace glass doors is incredibly easy. See our installation tab for instruction. Installation can be done by anyone and does not require hiring a professional.

Why Buy Your Prefab Fireplace Door From Us?

Since we opened in 2003, we’ve become one of the largest American-made prefab fireplace door suppliers in the country.  We go the extra mile to make sure you get the right size doors for your prefab fireplace so they’re a breeze to install.


*Easy, Worry-Free Order Process

*Personalized Customer Service

*Free Shipping

*Fast “Quick Ship” Doors ship in 4-6 business days


Go ahead and order!  We’ll be in touch with you to confirm the size of the door you ordered so there’s no need to worry about whether you measured correctly.


  1.  Locate your model number (If you can’t find it, that’s OK).
  2.  Measure your firebox opening.
  3.  Place your order for any prefab door. We’ll make sure you get the right size.


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