How to Remove Prefab Fireplace Doors

Removing and replacing prefab fireplace doors is a simple process. Follow these step by step instructions and you’ll have those doors out in no time.

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 1. Your fireplace should be turned off

  • It is important that your fireplace is completely cool and turned off before attempting to remove the doors. Safety first!

2. Fully open both doors

  • Make sure both doors are completely open.

3. Find the tension clips

  • Prefab fireplaces doors have tension clips with holes in them to hold door pins in place. Some manufacturers have clips on the bottom and top of the door.

4. Push on the top clip and slide the door pin out

  • Some may find it helpful to use a screwdriver to apply pressure on the tension clip. Once pressure is applied, you should be able to easy remove the top door pin.

5. Slide the bottom door pin out

  • Once you have the top pin removed, you should easily be able to slide the bottom pin out to finish removing your doors.
Door diagram

Doors with a frame

If the door you are removing has a frame, you will need to remove the frame before installing new doors. AFTER removing the doors, use a screwdriver or drill to remove the screws attaching the frame to the firebox. The door should slide out upon removal of these screws. Make sure you don’t attempt to remove the whole door by first removing the frame. Is is critical to remove the glass doors before removing the frame.

Removing extra parts

When removing and replacing fireplace doors, it is common to need to remove some additional parts that the manufacturer used for the original doors. This is common and it is important to remove these parts to ensure a proper fit for your new fireplace doors. Do not try to remove the metal face around your fireplace. Usually, this is permanently connected to the unit and cannot be removed.

Here’s a helpful video if you are looking to replace your fireplace doors: