Know What Type of Fireplace You Have Before Buying Doors

Before buying fireplace doors it is critical to know what type of fireplace you have! Using masonry fireplace doors on a prefab fireplace can be very dangerous and should be avoided.

Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry fireplaces have a traditional look. They are part of the original house plan and built on site with the house. The interior of a Masonry Fireplace is Brick or stone and the chimney is made out of brick.

Masonry Fireplace

Prefab Fireplaces

These fireplaces are common in newer homes and are pre built in a factory. Typically the inside is made from sheets of metal and these fireplaces have chimneys extending through the roof. These fireplaces are assembled in a factory and come as a whole unit.

Prefab Fireplace

Make Sure You Buy Prefab (Zero Clearance) Doors for Your Prefab Fireplace

Prefab fireplace doors are sometimes called “zero clearance” fireplace doors because there is almost no gap between the edge of the fireplace door and your wall or mantel. Because of this, prefab fireplace doors must have small gaps in them to let the heat circulate outside of the fireplace. Additionally, prefab fireplaces have vents above and below the fireplace that facilitate this cooling process.  Masonry Fireplace doors don’t have these gaps and can also cover up the vents around your prefab fireplace. If you install a masonry fireplace door on a prefab fireplace, there is a dangerous potential for your fireplace to overheat, break the glass doors, and damage the surrounding area.

Identifying the type of fireplace you have is simple and easy but quite important. Before making any purchase for your fireplace, you should know all about your fireplace. For purchasing doors, this is especially important. Safety is the number one priority when enjoying your fireplace and we want to help you keep you and your loves ones safe! See our Fireplace Safety Guide for more safety guidelines.