All Things Prefab Fireplaces

A prefab fireplace can make an amazing addition to your home, and is quite simpler to purchase and install than you may think.

What’s a Prefab Fireplace?

The best part about a prefab fireplace is it’s functionality and simplicity. These fireplaces are factory built and customized before being installed in your house. They are made of metal and are designed with insulation efficiency in mind. Additionally, factory built fireplaces are tested extensively for safety, the most important thing when enjoying a fireplace (See our Fireplace Safety Guide).  When it comes to cost, prefab fireplaces are much cheaper than building custom masonry fireplaces.

Prefab Fireplace Doors

A large selection of doors is a huge bonus when considering a prefab fireplace. With a factory built fireplace, you are able to find the exact size, price, and design you are looking for. Glass fireplace doors not only enhance the look of your fireplace, but can double the heat output and efficiency of your fireplace, lowering your utility bills. Check out our Prefab Fireplace Doors Guide for information on buying, installing, and replacing prefab fireplace doors. To meet national safety codes, factory built fireplace doors require a precise fit and subsequently very specific sizing options.  Because there are so many options and sizes, stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot don’t sell prefab fireplace doors. Shop Online to find the perfect door for your fireplace.

The Benefits of Prefab Fireplaces

  • Prefab fireplaces come factory built and ready to be installed.
  • No Chimney? No Problem. Prefab fireplaces can be installed whether you already have a chimney or not.
  • Factory built fireplaces are incredibly well insulated, and provide great heat output and efficiency in your home
  • The amount of space needed between the fireplace itself and combustible materials is only about 1/2 inch
  • Tons of fireplace door options make for a huge selection of doors and custom fit