How To Install Fireplace Doors

Although it may seem like a challenging task, installing your own fireplace doors is actually really easy. You won’t need much other than some everyday tools and a bit of time to do it. You’ll also need to ensure you have all the right measurements for installing your fireplace doors. 

The first thing you must do is to make sure that the fireplace doors you order are going to fit your firebox. With different materials used to build fireplaces, it can impact the sizing even on prefabricated models. 

Measuring your firebox

Using a tape measure, start by measuring the metal frame of the firebox. Here you will need to take the measurements from the metal frames of the firebox itself. Make sure you do not measure between the tiled areas of the fireplace. Ensure that you measure in between the metal frames, as this is where your fire doors will be placed. One you have the measurements, send them through to our team to get doors that fit your fireplace perfectly.    

Installation steps

Once your fireplace doors have arrived, you can start the installation process. Before you begin with anything, ensure that the doors will fit by holding them up towards the fireplace. This will give you an indicator. If you find that the sizing is slightly off, make sure you contact our team for help immediately, as it’s important that we get the correct sized doors immediately. Once you have ascertained that the doors will fit, it’s time to start fitting them yourself. 

Tools Needed

  • An electric drill
  • A ⅛ drill bit
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • A measuring tape
  • Spirit level

Installing Doors

The following are the steps you need to follow to ensure that your fireplace door installation runs smoothly. 

  1. Place the brackets you got in your fireplace door package onto the side panels or your prefab fireplace
  2. Fit the frame into your firebox. Ensure it is even using a spirit level.
  3. Make sure that the frame is secured on the correct way up. You can see the bottom of the frame indicated by a red dot.  
  4. Hand-tighten the bracket of the frame against your firebox frame. This will make it easier to adjust later on. The brackets should have holes in each corner, make sure these are properly marked. 
  5. Drill the holes on the demarcated areas using your ⅛ drill bit and your electric drill. 
  6. Use the screws to fit your frame into the firebox opening – this should be on the metal panels of your firebox. 
  7. Once the frame is secured, place the glass doors into it, securing them at their hinges. 
  8. Ensure you do not overtighten these, as you will have trouble opening and closing them. 
Installing Doors

What if I can’t find my model number? 

If you cannot find the model number of your prefab fireplace, don’t worry. Simply take photos and contact us. Our expert team will be able to tell you the exact model of your fireplace and provide you with the right doors. 

Does someone need to come and install my doors for me?

You can easily install your fireplace doors yourself. However, if you need a professional to come and help you, we will happily send someone to your home to assist. 

What are the tools I will need for my fireplace door installation?

The great part about installing your own fireplace doors is that you don’t need that many tools. You can probably do it just by using some standard equipment you or your friends have lying around. Install your fireplace doors using a drill, a Philips screwdriver, a spirit level, and a measuring tape. The screws that come with the kit require a ⅛ drill bit. 

What if I need help installing my fireplace doors?

If you run into any issues when installing your fireplace doors. There is no need to panic. Simply pick up the phone from the team at Prefab Fireplace Doors and ask for help. We’ll soon get your fireplace doors installed together,